MedicareWebWatch TipSheet #4: Optimize Digital Marketing ROI

Optimize Digital Marketing ROI (Courtesy of KBM Group Digital Services)

While everyone works to follow the ever-evolving digital landscape, measuring ROI has become a difficult task for many. When looked at holistically — through the prism of a proven digital sales funnel — it becomes much easier. The Digital Services team at KBM Group has published a white paper discussing how to best measure online ROI despite the moving target that is digital marketing. Insights and trends in the digital world include: value of paid search, changing SEO, social media lead generation and taking mobile mainstream.

MedicareWebWatch TipSheet #2: The Savvy Senior website

External content resources add value to every Medicare plan website while also boosting SEO results.  “The Savvy Senior” provides links to 800+ .GOV, .ORG, .COM sites and is maintained by nationally syndicated columnist Jim Miller.

MedicareWebWatch Digital Marketing Webinars – June/July

HealthMetrix Research is finalizing details for its line-up of MedicareWebWatch Digital Marketing Webinars during June and July. These webinars will feature leading experts from Medicare plans and the digital media industry who will provide valuable insights for maximizing Medicare plan website relevance and readiness.  The preliminary topic line-up includes:

  • Boosting online enrollment … minimizing commissions and paperwork
  • Search engine optimization … achieving and maintaining page 1 organic search results
  • Social media networking … leveraging brand-building and member loyalty with 24/7 touches

Complete details will be announced here and on the week of May 28.

2012 MedicareWebWatch webinars

HealthMetrix Research is hosting the 2012 MedicareWebWatch certification webinars during April.  The 45-minute MedicareWebWatch webinar is open to anyone in your organization – especially those responsible for Medicare Advantage website communications, content, design and compliance.

Free registration is at —

Welcome to MedicareWebWatch blog

We invite sharing general interest, expertise, questions and answers pertaining to Medicare Advantage websites. Learning about new advances and what does or does not work can rapidly expand the working knowledge, functionality, relevance and readiness for all Medicare plan websites.  Looking forward to posting feedback, comments and suggestions from MedicareWebWatch bloggers.