2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines Impose Minimal New Website Compliance Hurdles

Posted by Alan Mittermaier

The delayed posting of the CY 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines on July 20th reveals only modest changes pertaining to Medicare Advantage/Part D website compliance.  Areas involving new and existing compliance clarification include the following:

60.4 – Formulary and Formulary Change Notice Requirements  (pp. 27-28)
60.4.3 – Changes to Printed and Posted Formularies  (p.28)

Comment:  Both of the above clarifications favor document eDelivery opt-in for plan members.

100.4 – Online Formulary, Utilization Management (UM), and Notice Requirements (p.71)

Comment:  Previous online notification provisions become “must” requirements.

100.7 – Third-Party Websites (pp.73-74)

Comment:  Includes new guidelines specifically for third-party websites defined as sites not owned by Plan/Part D sponsors, but by companies with whom Plan/Part D sponsors have contracts for the purpose of selling or promoting Medicare products.

Contact HealthMetrix Research president Alan Mittermaier for additional guidance related to 2018 website compliance and MedicareWebWatch evidence-based build-out strategies.

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